First Trimester of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is both a joyful moment to cherish for mothers and a great responsibility at the same time. Conceiving life into your womb is no doubt a very crucial thing to consider. Pregnant women are very susceptible to various health risks that pose danger to the baby inside the womb. The first trimester of pregnancy is absolutely the most critical part of the whole process, by which the mother experiences hormonal changes, fatigue and the ever exhausting morning sickness. The baby too, on the other hand is still developing which is one important concern of the mother carrying it.

As for me, I had just come pass the 1st trimester. It was a very hard one compared to my first pregnancy. I had been throwing up 3x a day, lost 3 kilos of weight and been having unpredictable appetite. Everything that surrounds me seem to smell bad which caused me to puke. I had recurrent episodes of Urinary Tract Infection. That was a hard one yet still thankful I am feeling better now as I am about to approach the 2nd trimester. Pregnancy indeed is never been easy yet a great way to fulfill motherhood.