A Lab Test to Remember

One of my father’s long-time friends owns a small clinic that was just around the corner. Despite the size of the place, I could say that the facilities were quite decent. I think they were even better than those of some hospitals that I know of around town. Whenever I am not feeling well, I immediately go to that clinic to have myself checked for any possible complications.

One time, a friend of mine told me about his problem and asked if I knew of a hospital or clinic where he could have a mycoplasma genitalium testing. I really didn’t know what that test was. Regardless, I suggested that he go to my friend’s clinic to have him tested. Fortunately, the result was negative. I never asked him about what the test was about. I surfed the internet one day and found out about it, and it shocked me knowing that my friend’s a bit of a nerdy homeboy.