Body Figure is Every Woman’s Dream

Maintaining an oozing body figure is every woman’s dream. However, some women would opt to let go of that dream than deprive their selves in eating the food that they love. But majority of women are really particular, and for the lack of word, very much conscious with their body figure.

I used to be a fat kid during my early years. That was the time when grandfather indulged me with everything, especially with food. He likes to see me eat with gusto that is why he feeds me with anything that I want to eat. And I loved that treatment when I was that age.

When I reached my adolescence, I started getting conscious with my figure. It was the time when I started researching about diet, exercise and stuff. I read about how to gradually shift to a healthy lifestyle and various kinds of diet like vegetarianism, hcg drops and pescatarianism. Little by little I tried being a pescatarian and I guess it worked for me. For two years I had that diet and minimal rice intake and guess what, I really trimmed down. From a twenty nine inch waist line, it went all the way down to twenty four! But of course, I paired my diet with the right dose of exercise.

Our bodies are made uniquely from each other. Each diet may or may not work for each of our bodies. I was just lucky that the only diet that I chose worked for my body type. I know that there are lots of women out there who keep on complaining that their chosen diet program does not work for them; little did they know that there are still more diet programs that are worth the try. And they should keep in mind that they are having a “program” and that they should not expect for a prompt result. It takes time and they should be patient about it.