Scuba diving in Cuba

Surely, a cruise to the four corners of the Caribbean is a romantic treat. Breathing the fresh sea breeze aboard a gigantic ship like the famous titanic together with your very own “Jack”! It is one of the ideal honeymoons that a typical girl, like me, wishes to have. But sometimes, it seems too boring if you just cruise around the ocean. Honeymoons should also be adventurous because that is exactly what is ahead for couples—real life adventures. For example, if both of you really wants to have a cruise to the Caribbean, why don’t you have a “twist” and experience scuba diving in cuba! Besides, Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean so it is still a part of the Caribbean honeymoon!

I know one online site which will help everyone who wants to know more about scuba diving in cuba. It was one of my best friends who taught me about the site because her husband and she had this scuba diving experience in Cuba after their wedding. It was just a mutual decision to spend their honeymoon there because both of them were so adventurous. They went home with a lot of memoirs and photographs from their trip. The beautiful shore and their shots under the sea makes me believe that Cuba is one of the best diving sites in the world!