The Higher the Heels, the Better the Posture

Ever since, I always go for flat shoes or sandals even during special occasions until one time I was tasked to join a beauty pageant. It was really a bit hard for me during the training or practices for cat walk, modeling, etc., generally because of the 3 to 4-inch high heel shoes that my trainer required me to wear. I even tried to request for a 2-inch high heel shoes, but my trainer gave me an essential tip for a better posture, which is very necessary in activities like modeling. He told me that wearing shoes with high heels makes a woman stand erect, creating a “chest out, stomach in” body gesture and giving her a good posture and a perfect figure. Well, if didn’t maintain a good posture, I wouldn’t get accepted at sales job search. After a couple of months from waiting, I finally got a job for real.