They Made my Heart Cry

During college, we went to Boy’s Town, a shelter for street children. The place is actually peaceful. And what’s in that place? I saw 35 boys placing my left hand on their forehead. During that time my heart was really touched! I felt pity on the boys because they had this miserable life but now, thanks to “Boy’s Town” which is helping them live their lives with satisfaction. That was the time when I began to realize that I had a lot to thank God for. Even though my family is not rich, still i’m lucky to have my parents, my siblings and all material thing I need; while others are in the brick of pain, trying to form their broken families, or surviving from the ravels of life. By the way guys, i need to read a review about stomach fat loss. For the past week, I have been eating a lot of bad foods and I think my belly is getting bigger.