Power on standby

There was a period several years ago when the electric supply in the city was limited. It was always a black out. It was a terrible period, one where we learned how to amuse ourselves out of sheer boredom. Too bad the Diesel Generators for the neighborhood was installed a few months after that ‘dark’ period.

I do believe that each neighborhood should have a Diesel Generator on standby. Always. Because you never know when you’re going to need it. Our neighborhood association bought one of those Trailer Mounted Generators to be used for special occasions. Like on Christmas parties or town fiestas. It was put on use the last time a raging storm hit the country. While other neighborhoods were covered with darkness, we were able to function normally because we had a Diesel Generator supplying us with power. It was a blessing, if you ask me. Just imagine a cold and wet night without electricity…

Ask your neighborhood association to get one of those Diesel Generators for the use of everyone. During those times when the electric supply is limited or cut off, you need not worry where to get power because you have a generator on standby. Right?