Lose the dial-up now!

Before I started working at home, internet connection was not a problem. I used a dial-up connection. Then I used a slightly faster internet connection from a local service provider. But I had to get a faster internet connection now that I am already working at home. Good thing there’s an offer from wildblue satellite internet!

As what every one tells me, I need to lose the dial-up already! It’s time for the faster and more reliable internet connection offered by Wild Blue. It reaches the whole continental US with a very affordable monthly fee of only $49.95. The speed reaches up to 1.5Mbps which is 30x faster than a dial-up connection! When loading several sites all at once, if you have a fast internet connection, it will only take you a couple of minutes. I experienced loading three pages using dial-up and it was frustrating! Just imagine if you are in a hurry…

With Wild Blue, the frustration of a slow internet connection will be gone. Get high speed internet for your home or small office. Low service fees plus the internet connection that is always on and a 24/7 support. Interested in getting high speed internet now? Go and visit MyBlueDish.com or call 877-336-0011 for more information.